The Best Funny Pictures For Facebook About Soccer

Hello friends, I’m still with these funny posts, this time, I have for you: best funny pictures for facebook about soccer, to share with all those friends who are true followers of football worldwide.

Through these images, we will go over controversial moments of footballand also wonderful moments, but here they have their “meme” style of the internet, so prepare your jaw because you’ll laugh a lot of these pictures that keep the special moments of football matches in another way you will see, here I leave the images:


Funny pictures about soccer

  • This is the face that all defenders make when they see Messi coming at a high speed to delight us with a great game that he makes in the magical nights of football.
  • Funny image where we have to Suarez chasing the Italian defender Chiellini, in what seems a mockery to the popular bite in Brazil 2014.


  • The great Tevez has always made us laugh with his funny facial expressions, when he is playing, he is totally transformed and lives an epic moment on the court.


  • Arbitrators are often unfair sometimes in the best football games, but in other times they give us very funny moments like this.
  • Ibrahimovic is always the player whom everyone looks on the court, which is why his rivals are usually very hard Zlatan, it is not his fault to be so good.

best-funny-pictures-for-facebook-about-soccerI really liked the one of Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez, What were your favorites? You can respond below. No matter which team is, you always have to respect your friends who support other teams, remember that sport help us to clear those problems that afflict our lives, let’s not stain football anddenounce racism in football.

funny-pictures-for-facebook-about-soccer-trollI hope you enjoyed this post, you can help me by sharing the page, next week I’ll have great posts for you like this one, see you very soon, until next time.

Put your face in a picture

Get ready to laugh a lot with these images I’ve brought you that are: funny put your face in a picture.

There are many applications that allows you to change the faces of peoplewho appear in the photos either by placing it in the body of the other person or just change it into another image, I mean, that is the time where our imagination explodes, and these images I brought look funny, that way you can download any application that runs on your phone and make these jokes to your friends and family.


Funny application

  • Through these applications you can put your face in iconic images, or make a facial change of each photo for a funny result like this.
  • We also have video applications that change our faces and yet we can continue doing our expressions, only with a new face.


  • There are many pages of singers who add a photo of your face and then play a music video where your face is everywhere.


  • Of course we could not forget the facial memes Nicolas Cage, whose face is perfect on the body of everyone.


  • Try it my friend, feel the body of the famous people at least through photographs and play with your friends, since these applications give away a long time of entertainment.

put-your-face-in-a-picture-catIf you mock of a friend a lot for looking like a celebrity, by any application you can place his/her face in the photo of a famous person and show it to others, and there is also a classic way of placing the faces in the bodies of animals which is very funny.

So prepare your mind to enjoy this weekend with the application of preference and bother your friends and family and enjoy together full of laughter, have a great weekend, enjoy life. Take care.

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