Thank You and Farewell Quotes For Friends

Friends are awesome, that is no secret, and sometimes, friends do us really cools favors, and those favors need to be appreciated, and what better way of doing that that with one of these cool Thank You And Farewell Quotes For Friends, this way you can thank them in a really creative and personal way.

It’s not goodbye, it’s a see you soon

ferawell-my-darling-friend-quoteIf they are going on a trip and you want to be funny, send them this cool image in a super dramatic tone, you know, you will see them soon anyway but a little humor is always good.

If you are thankful of the mere fact of their friendship then this adorable quote is perfect for you, you can give it to them in their birthday so it won’t look too weird.

sweet-and-sad-goodbye-message-to-a-friendThank them for all the good times and wish them a nice trip, you will see them again, I can asure you that.

Sometimes life is not as you planned it to be, but that’s okay, because you still have the memories of the good times shared with your friends.

thank-you-and-farewell-quotes-for-friendsSometimes loosing a friends hurts more than you think it will, but don’t let those things get you down, you will get even better friends eventually.

  • friendship is something really valuable, don’t loose it
  • if a friend leaves you, is their loose, you are wonderful
  • take good care of your friends
  • don’t make friends with toxic people


  • choose your friends carefully.


Give them a big hug if you can, or simply send them these quotes via text message.

Sweet And Sad Goodbye Message To A Friend

Loosing a friends can be hard, for whatever reason it’s never easy to let them go, so why not make thing more pleasant? Don’t say goodbye because it’s actually a farewell, that is why today we bring you these  Sweet And Sad Goodbye Message To A Friend so you can wish your friends a farewell without saying goodbye.

Farewells for a good friend

bye-my-friend-and-thank-you-messageAs the image says, good friends never say goodbye, It’s only a farewell, and hey, you can still text them right?

Every goodbye means a future hello, son keep your head up, because you will see them again sometime, and that the wonderful part about saying goodbye.

good-bye-my-friend-messageBe brave, take life as what it is, an experience, enjoy the nice moments and take lessons from the bad ones, that is how you get to grow in life.

Cherish the memories of your friends, that is something that nobody can take away from you, so treasure those moment no matter what.

honest-and-sweet-thank-you-and-farewell-quoteLife is full on chances, take as many as you can, be thankful for the friends that you have and for the ones that are no longer with you.

  • treasure the good moments with your friends
  • set them free so they can come back to you


  • sometimes friends have to go, but that is not necessarily the end


  • appreciate your true friends.

As I said before, life is an experience, enjoy it and make it a good experience.

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