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Check These Sweet Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Greetings to all parties organizers, I know very well you get a terrible headache when it comes to organizing a sweet 16 party, so welcome to this new article where I brought for you: great sweet 16 birthday party ideas for girls, with these images I hope to answer your questions about a party you are organizing, the first thing to think about is the things the girl likes, to create a concept relating to it, then it would be the main color for the party.

Remember it has to be a color that does not overshadow her dress at the time of the entry and dancing, something very important is the food, not so much the taste but how organized the tables are with snacks and drinks, anyway, enjoy these images:


Party ideas for sweet 16

  • To organize a huge party you have to have a huge number of guests, that way you can make some decorations for your party, which would go from the set of colored lights, to the color of carpets, tablecloths, curtains, balloons, and the sweet that must have a color related to the decor.


  • Remember that where you are doing the wedding you have to make a drastic change for anyone to know where they are exactly, that way you can place a set of lights with your name pointing to the dance floor, and on stage have a beautiful decoration which makes you look very beautiful and that way your dress will be very well received.


  • Your parents have to have a huge amount of money to make the necessary expenses, remember they have to make a lot of food, including the huge cake and many snacks.



As could you see, a pale pink is an amazing option for a party during the day, and as the place concerns, I think it would be best to rent a huge room in a 5-star hotel, well that depending on the number of people that have been invited. If I gave you some good ideas please leave a comment and share this post for this page to continue to grow, thanks for coming, take care and have a nice day.

Wedding cake pictures and ideas

Greetings everyone and welcome to my new post where I have for you this time: amazing wedding cake pictures and ideas to celebrate the wedding of a friend or relative with style, the most important thing at weddings is the cake, especially when few people gather.

They’re often friends and closest relatives, the cake is the guest of honor, that is why in this post I’ll show you some images of amazing cakes for you to have an idea of what you want that day, from a large cake, to have several small cakes, there are many diversities of cakes there today and I hope you like these that I have compiled for you:


Amazing wedding cake

  • Amazing design of this cake which captures the attention after you are married, everyone will want to take a photo near the cake.
  • Nothing better than a cake filled with delicious snacks for all guests, it will be a very good surprise for them.


  • Remember that for the good cake decoration you need to know the wedding decoration, that way you can make incredible combinations, as you can see in this image.


  • This cake is ideal for young couples who are getting married with a small group of people nearby.



  • And this cake is great for that older couple, who want a small gathering to celebrate their marriage. Green glaze is a spectacular detail not seen in many wedding cakes, so it’s a plus.

A very beautiful theme for a cake is to represent the couple through an animal that shows a beautiful feeling as the union of two beings, which makes it unique and special, if you liked this post you can leave a comment below telling me what you would like to see in my next post, because I wish that you visit me soon, in the meantime, I wish you a beautiful day, see you next time.