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Look at These Sad Couples Images With Quotes

Greetings friends! and welcome to my new post, in this opportunity, I have for you very sad couple images with quotes for share with your partner to express your feelings and current status through these sad images, a breakup of a couple, involves a grieving process for the loss of the person we love, that’s why you have to rebuild your life and rebuild it step by step,because from then on, the vital project will be individual again every day.

If your partner was the one who has unilaterally chosen to abandon the journey together, the difficulty to accept the breakup becomes significantly higher, and that’s a hard time in our lives where we have to have be strong to carry on with the situation, it is fine to cry, that’s for sure, but there is a moment in your life where you have to stop and organize yourself, to be able to move on with your life and later, open your heart to someone who truly deserves it.


Images with sad quotes

  • Despite having lived a good love, something always happen and you have to end it and despite the wounds heal with time, the scars will always remain, so you have to be strong.
  • In difficult times in your life, like irregular situations at home or in college problems you can only have a people and that is your partner, so try to keep it close to you.


  • These are the quotes you have to say every day you go to forget about that person that you both like, have to know that someone bring back with big problems.


  • Sometimes we have a sentimental situations that are so cool that end up being a nightmare and it is because finally you know as he is that person.


  • Never be with someone for it, if that person hurts you always and do not treat you the way you deserve it then throw it away.

sad-couple-images-with-quotes-for-shareThey are very strong quotes, but need them to face your current situation, I hope you feel better soon, take your time to heal and assimilate what you are living, you can share this post with a friend who is going through this horrible time, if you liked this post be sure to visit me, it’s nice to have someone like you here, have a good day.

Cartoon sad msg images

Greetings friend! Today I brought cartoon sad msg images to reflect the sadness through these cartoonish images, remember that being sad is not bad, it is good and it is an pillar important in our lives because it helps us tocorrect the mistakes we have made, or situations that led to a person hurt us because if it happened is because something had to do with it.

Sadness is a state of mind from which only the person who is going through it, can solve it. There are difficult moments in our lives that seem that everything is downhill, everything is colorless in our life, and the reality is that we are in a big black hole from where we do not find a way out until we can solve the problem, or in another case, let our present situation to heal, here I leave these images of sadness reflected by these cartoons:4


Sad cartoon images

  • Image to share with your friends via Telegram, that way they will know that these evil and will give good words good night.
  • This image is to share with your partner when both are spaced at a time but miss and you can start to approach through this painful image.


  • In life we have to do everything possible to spend time with that great person, so you do things you may not like that person see you’re always close.


  • You can use this profile picture on your social networks to receive some comfort from friends, so you can not assimilate this break being alone.



  • With this image you will ask forgiveness for all the bad things you did a friend or your partner, you just have to wait if you get the answer you need.

I hope you enjoyed any of these sad pictures, if you want, you can share this post with your friends, or share it with the person you’re sad about, I hope you recover soon and visit my future post so you can be happy again, have a happy day, take care.

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Sad Boy and Girl Break Up Images

Greetings to all of you, this time the post is different from the others, because I brought for you sadness boy and girl break up images, to express and live your sadness through these images.

When breakups occur, we go in a trance of darkness where we think that everything is lost but that is not true, people have to respect our spacewhen we are going through this situation because we are the ones that can recover from this breakup, so through these images I want you to free yourself of all the sadness, it is okay to cry. Here I leave the pictures:


Break up images

  • Hard times in our lives when we see our partner leaving, it will be difficult at first but then you can really absorb the pain and go healing slowly.
  • In a break, for more difficult it seems, you have to think it is for your sake, so that way depression is not a factor in your life.


  • Take the time you need to recover, remember that you control your own life, so be careful.
  • These images will help you carry the situation that you currently live in a calmer way, so that way you do not hurt your own heart, since you have to recover as soon as possible.


  • Sometimes the best thing in a relationship is to distance for a few moments to think about the things that you both want, if you do not reach an agreement then end the relationship in a civilized way.


As you can see, they are a little strong, but are the right ones for this difficult situation, do not think the world will end by a break up.


Very good things come after misfortunes, and the important thing is that you overcome this situation when you think you’re ready to do it, and that way, face the next obstacles you have ahead in your life, I wish you a good day, and get better soon.

Love pictures of hearts romantic hearts 

Greetings to all lovers, today I brought for you: love pictures of hearts romantic hearts to share, to enjoy these beautiful romantic images and that way, you can spread the love with all your loved ones; Love is the best toolfor getting closer to people and to solve problems, because as a result of love comes the smile and believe me, you do not know how contagious is a smile and that’s very good.


Imagine so many people there and very nervous to make friends or to talk to that person they like, through these images you could make an approach and stop being ashamed.

Romantic hearts images to share

  • Share this image with your partner and you can say something beautiful about it, like the arrows were exclusively created for you to fall in love much more with your partner.


  • It will be difficult to see in our lives two heart shaped clouds interacting with each other, so you must share this image with your partner.


  • Funny animated heart, great for kids, they’ll love it especially for the spectacular set of colors red inside the heart.


  • We will always have a friend who is a fan of purple, so these hearts with frosts are ideal for him/her.


  • We end up with this beautiful heart which is composed of many flowers, ideal for using as background on the computer.

They are very cute images and as you can see, you can use them for any occasion, but do not keep these images to yourself, share them with all your loved ones, you can download them for free and spread the love in the world, since in many difficult situations, what we need is love in humanity. I hope you have a beautiful day, always smile, see you later.

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