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Cool Motorized Parachute Images

The motorized parachute is the simplest form of aviation light there, one of the safest, and also lower cost. Is to fly thanks to the support given by a glider (glider cloth) and propulsion provided by a small motor with a propeller on the back of the pilot. As you will see in these Motorized Parachute Images.

All equipment weighs no more than 32-40 kg, and most fit in the trunk of a normal car. Unlike the of paragliding in motorized parachuting, it off from level ground with the same technique of inflating the glider, walk (or a wheeled cart or trike), but using engine thrust to generate lift wing and soar ground.

motorized-parachute-for-sale emergency-parachute-for-sale

  • The ability to fly low and slow, feeling ‘open’ flight, portability, low cost of equipment and its maintenance, and good safety margins that can fly, are considered the most deserving of motorized parachute.
  • It’s a fun activity that allows you to walk on the most beautiful landscapes enjoying a view almost 360 ° and can be practiced almost anywhere.


  • The emerged in France in the late 80s, when some paragliders thrusters began to adapt their paragliders to take off from remote plains of the mountain

Some of these pioneers are today leaders of major European Paramotor, and the machines have evolved from the first (and heavy) units adapted short-grass engines today use many specially designed for flight engines.

motorized-parachute-images drone-emergency-parachuteParagliders have become more reliable and lighter, there are 2-stroke and even some 4 times, and as special paragliders are manufactured for use in propulsion, more resistant to weight, safer and more features suited to this type of flight.


Most paramotor pilots are men over 30 years, but no sex or age limits from minimum height and weight requirements. The development of paratrikes or carts paraglide has opened the to an even wider amateur spectrum because it eliminates the problem of carrying the team on his back on takeoff and landing, so virtually anyone wanting can fly.

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Emergency Parachute Pictures

Finally you decided to practice skydiving. But there is a fear that overwhelms you in the back of your mind. What if the parachute does not open? This guide will teach you what to do in case that also occurs is focused on the use of a modern square parachute team. This is a guide with Emergency Parachute Pictures.

You Do not stop to ask a qualified instructor if you have any doubt! It is important to absolutely clear all the doubts you have, for extreme sports (as indicated by its name) are exciting situations, but with some degree of risk.

Each time you open the parachute, it is better to have 1001 to 1003. If by then, do not see it being open, or do not feel any impact from the opening process, you probably have one malfunction.

Try to discover the type of parachute failure. Is a single ball of fabric that will never be opened in something like a parachute or has only one crossing strings? Remember that knowing the cause of the problem is already half of the solution.

  • Determines whether the failure of your main parachute may be amended. A cross string is an easy thing to deal with, especially if you’re still on very high. If your main parachute don’t fix, start the backup procedure.

powered-parachute emergency-parachute-skyscraper

  • Check your height! If you are below 300 meters, the entire procedure will take a long time, so skip the steps to open the reserve parachute without cutting anything from the main parachute.
  • Locate the release handle of the main parachute. Usually it is on the right side of your computer up to your chest. Hold the handle of the main parachute release.

Locate the handle opening of your reserve parachute. Usually it is the left side of your computer up to your chest. Hold the handle of opening the reserve parachute. Arch your body backward, placing the head on your neck. Pull the release handle of the main parachute. Pull it with all your strength.

parachuting-with-motor parachute-with-a-motorRemember Pull the handle to open your parachute. Do this after you’ve released the main parachute, if you want to have everything clear before opening your reservation. Again, pull the handle with all your strength.

We ask that you share this valuable information, it is important to know what to do in case of an emergency while doing skydiving. Take care. Hope to see you again soon.