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Dedicate a Wedding Poem For The Bride and Groom

Greetings to all of you! I hope you are well, you probably have a marriage of friends very soon and you do not know what to tell them in a formal way, don’t worry! today I brought: a wedding poem for the bride and groom cards, that way, through poems, you dedicate some beautiful words to the newly couple united by the church and you don’t have to worry if you can’t think of anything, it is normal, sometimes we do not have the appropriate words to say, so that through this post, you will be oriented with these beautiful poems and so you can deliver these letters that I’ll leave below:






I saved your life, right? as you can see, it is best to deliver these letters when they are already married, with a detail, it would be a spectacular letter, and remember, try to use these poems but change them a bit and add a funny anecdote that you had with the couple and in a loving way ask for it to be repeated soon in their new stage of life.






I hope these cards will be of great help, you can leave a comment telling me that you would like to see in a future post

Gold and white dresses

Hello dear friend, I’m sure you’re looking for a beautiful dress for a wedding you’re invited to, and you happen to be bridesmaid, well, here I brought: gold and white dresses for ladies to shine at the wedding of your friend, and be the most beautiful lady of all, this time these dresses have a wonderful combination of gold with white which will stand out your face, either golden neckline and white skirt are wonderful dresses, which you can compare and plan a design line for you with your favorite tailor, here you have the dresses:











As you could have appreciated, the dresses are short but very fabulous, so you have to wear shoes with a bright color to make a combination and amaze your friend who is next to get married.

You have to look beautiful that day, you never know when the right man will appear (perhaps the wedding is an excellent place) and good luck with the bouquet flowers that surely will go to you because you’ll look very beautiful, have a great day, take care.

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