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Fluffy Images of Rabbits

Today we brought a different topic, a furry, little cut topic, we’re talking of course about rabbits. Rabbits are little furry fellows that live in the wilderness but they can be pets as well, because of their friendly nature and relaxed behavior, they’re one of the best pets to have, but don’t get fooled by their cute little faces and their furry bodies, they can be a handful if you don’t watch them properly, so let’s start by watching some images of rabbits.


Rabbits or bunnies are little animals that live in different environment, from cold to more middle temperature ones, they’re know for being super playful and friendly animals in general.

images-of-rabbitsWild rabbits are just like any other animals, they’re, of course herbivore, so they feed only on plants and other different things.

cute-adorable-photos-of-rabbitsThey tend to live in secluded places like holes or maybe inside the base of a tree, they do this so they can survive predators that lurk at nighttime.

little-bunnies-and-rabbitsRabbits have a relative short life span and they tend to suffer from lots of heart diseases maybe that’s why they reproduce to a fast rate to overcome this particular problem.


funny-and-cute-rabbitsBunnies are the perfect pet for children or grown people that like peaceful animals and of course, furry ones. If you like bunnies as much as we do, then don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

Pictures of cute owls

Even though they may be a lot of cute and tiny animals in the world, one of the best and most wanted animals in this category is the owl, these nocturnal birds are everywhere and the fact they’re extremely cute and lovely, well can’t be taken for granted, that’s why today we decided to bring you some information and some pictures of cute owls.


What can we say about owls? well, for starters, they’re birds but not just any kind of birds, they’re nocturnal birds, they tend to be awake only at night with some rare exceptions.

pictures-of-cute-owlsOwls tend to most of their activities at nightfall when they’re awake. It senses allows them to see clearly even in the night, when they spend most of the time hunting for food and moving to different locations.

images-of-little-owlsNot only do they hunt at night but they mate as well in that SPECIFIC hour of the day, their keen senses provides them a perfect tool to move around freely avoiding possible threats. 


images-of-cute-little-owlsAs with other birds, owls can cover long distances by flying to one point to another, many owls are known to fly great distances to migrate from one territory to another.

owls-being-cute-photosSome people are so excited about them, that they tried to make owls their pets but you have to remember they’re not domestic animals and in the majority of countries, owls are not allowed to be maintained as pets sadly.

If you like owls as much as we do, then don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on the comment section below.