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Tasty Pictures of Chocolate Day

Greetings my dear chocoholics, it is time to celebrate this beautiful day withpictures of chocolate day to celebrate, either cakes,  drinks, tablets, cookies, to accompany fruit … In any of its presentations, chocolate is a sweet and irresistible temptation. The existence of this food must be celebrated, and that is why the French on September 13, 1995 decided to establish an international day of chocolate. Notably, that date, Roald Dahl best known as the creator of the children’s story “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was born.






I hope that with these images, you make many snacks with chocolates to celebrate with friends and family, they have to enjoy the “food of the gods”, as it was said centuries ago by the Aztecs, plus chocolate is beneficial to the circulatory system and an amino acid having an antidepressant effect in the body, so all you can do is eat a lot of chocolate, those images I’ve shared, you can use them to decorate your home and celebrate this beautiful day with your friends and prepare many sweets , give sweets to your neighbors.






I hope you have a great day and have a lot of fun.

Modern wedding cakes pictures 

Welcome to my new article, this time I’ll show you incredible designs of wedding cakes, if you are thinking of getting married or have a friend doing the preparations, then this article will be of interest, since I brought for you: modern wedding cakes pictures ideas, you will be surprised with the thousands of ideas that exist to make a modern wedding cake, when we refer to modern is definitely the drastic change of the classic cake of several floors that we are used to see, now these cakes have beautiful designs inspired by the personality of the bride and groom, here I leave the pictures for you to enjoy:











The cakes go from several floors to be a small cake but with a striking design which has some details that seem to be difficult to do and it is best that all these details are edible so everyone will be surprised and eat that delicious and amazing wedding cake. You can look for many images like these in Google for you to keep surprising.

Share this post with your friend who will soon have a wedding, maybe you save his/her life with this article. If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and visit me soon, see you later.

Romantic And Delicious Looking Chocolate Pics For Chocolate Day

Love is something amazing, but do you know what is like a hundred times more amazing? Chocolate, just like love, comes in many shapes  and forms and as a plus, you can eat it, so it’s no surprise that there is a day dedicated to this precious thing called chocolate, and love, you know just as a little extra, so here you have some Romantic And Delicious Looking Chocolate Pics For Chocolate Day to send your loved one and that way you can eat all the chocolate you originally bought for them.

Give them chocolate and a picture of more chocolate


It’s a chocolate looking box filled with chocolate, it can’t get better than that, well yeah it can, it will be better if they could actually eat the chocolate.

Tell them they are the best chocolate in your life, and them eat some chocolate to compare it with them, make sure to give them at least a tiny piece of chocolate.

A Teddy bear is also a pretty nice present to give in chocolate day, of course, don’t give it alone, the whole point of this day is to get chocolate.

An old fashioned box of chocolates has never made anyone unhappy, so you can’t go wrong with this option.


Or maybe just some chocolate kisses will do the trick, ce creative, life is full of surprises, just like a box of chocolates.

  • chocolate makes you feel like if you were in love
  • you can prepare your own home made chocolate


  • give them a special gift with chocolate in it
  • chocolate can also be healthy.


Have a great chocolate day, and don’t be shy and give that special someone a big chocolate kiss.

Advices And Tips About How To Take Landscape Photos 

If you are looking for some tips on how to start taking pictures of beautiful landscapes them you have come to the right blog my friend, so just sit back, and start taking notes because I asure you, all these tips are super important if you want to male the most of your passion of taking beautiful pictures, so be ready for these  Advices And Tips About How To Take Landscape Photos to blow your mind.

Useful tips for landscapes pictures


Okay so first of all you are going to need a good camera with good resolutions and an all and all nice vibe to it.

Secondly you will need some really cool camera gear, like a tripod, some pro lenses and all those kinds of fancy stuff.


And now that you’ve got all those things, yo need to take a lot of pictures, not only as practice but to choose which one of all the pictures that you took is the best one.

Start with simple landscapes and slowly crawl your way to the big leagues, like a true pro would do, because, all the good things in this life need dedication and lots of hard work.


Don’t be afraid of looking for beauty in the most bizarre places, and all and all just be creative with your shots.

  • Work hard for your art
  • stay determined
  • always practice


  • take your art seriously


  • some day all that hard work will pay off.

I know, is a lot to take in, but just keep practicing and I asure you one day you will be a true professional.

Romantic Images Of Chocolates And Flowers To Use As Wallpaper

Romance is something magical, it makes you feel special and loved, but sometimes is hard to be romantic, specially if you are on a budget, but fear no more my friend, you can always surprise your partner with small details that will definitely give you some points, like for example, changing the wallpaper of their computer with one of these Romantic Images Of Chocolates And Flowers To Use As Wallpaper.

Romance is in the air and it smells like chocolate and roses

Roses are red, boxes of chocolate are also red in this awesome picture that I think+ would make a great wallpaper if you give it the chance.
You can try with something a little more sweet with this adorable image for your wallpaper, you know that Teddy bears will always be adorable.

This one is a little more simple but come on, those chocolates look delicious and those flowers are simply precious.

get your romance levels over nine thousand by changing your special someone’s wallpaper for this really nice and artistic picture.

You can’t never be too romantic, so pay attention to details an make every day as special as Valentine’s day because that is what makes a relationship last forever.

  • get your romantic partner a nice bouquet of flowers
  • also some chocolates
  • and a nice valentine’s day card
  • don’t forget the adorable teddy bear


  • and of course a romantic dinner.


And always remember that the important thing is to have fun and enjoy a good time with your special someone.

Best Wedding Cake Designs To Use For Your Own Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is not a subject of laughter, is something as serious as the place for the reception or even the dress, so if you want to have the most beautiful and amazing wedding cake, I can give you some ideas and tips with all of the Best Wedding Cake Designs To Use For Your Own Wedding Cake.

Creative and beautiful designs for wedding cakes

Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and textures, this cake has to impress all your guests so trow the hour out of the window and make it something amazing-

Be elegant and classy, sometimes less is more, but certain details like flowers and dots are always something that you can add.
Be creative with the design, why have a boring old cake when you can have an edible set of stairs? Your call my friend.

Some bakers can do miracles so make sure to hire a really good one, do some research and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want.


And last but not least, make sure that the colors of that cake match the color of the wedding, you want that cake to be yours so use your color.


  • choose carefully the kind of design that you want
  • make sure it matches the tone of the wedding
  • not to mention the decorations and your dress

Ask your fiance for opinions, maybe they have something to say about all this cake madness.

Beautiful Photos of Cakes With Flowers

After you see this article, you are going to be very hungry, so now you are warned. Welcome to this article, today I brought photos of cakes with flowers and chocolate.

It is very difficult to find brown flowers; unless they are dying, in this post we will see some very vivid brown roses, because they are of chocolate in a beautiful decoration with a cake.

images-of-chocolates-with-heartIt’s amazing the work that can be done in a cake nowadays, bakers are careful with every detail and the taste is just wonderful.

Flowers are the easiest figures to design for a cake, but the trick is in how you decorate the cake because there are people who put roses and do not realize when the cake is loaded with many roses, there are cakes that only with a rose are ready to be presented, it is why I say that designing cakes is not for everyone.


Cakes with flowers and chocolate

  • Delicious cake with dark chocolate which has small flowers on one side and has all the space to write a cute happy birthday message.
  • There is nothing better than the classic chocolate cakes, but this one has a beautiful decoration with chocolate flowers on the top, which looks very well.


  • Spectacular wedding cake, it is very rare to see one of chocolate, but this one is special, as you can see it has a flowers fall and each has its own flavor.
  • This basket shaped cake with huge flowers created with fondant, it is ideal to celebrate the birthday of a child since it will be the first time the child sees a cake of this type.
  • We end with these fun cakes that are plants shaped, each has flowers made with fondant, and they have different flavors to the delight of all the guests.

pictures-of-chocolate-heartsThe best opportunity to give a cake like these ones is on a birthday, especially your mother or your girlfriend who likes roses a lot, that way they will see that brown roses do exist and have a delicious flavor.

photos-of-cakes-with-flowers-and-chocolateShare this article and help me grow this page, I promise I’ll make many articles like this for you. I hope you enjoyed this article and I apologize if you’re hungry right now, have a wonderful day and God bless you.

Chocolate images with hearts 

Greetings my friends, today I have brought for you a good article to make your girlfriend fall in love as they should, if her birthday is coming son or you are about to have an anniversary, then you got here in the right time, since this article is about: chocolate images with hearts for she, you can download any of these beautiful images and give them to her as wrapping paper for the gift that you’ll actually give, in this case, they’ll be heart shaped chocolates.

Heart-shaped chocolates


  • We started with this delicious cake which has a small heart in the chocolate cake, as you can see used dye cake to make those beautiful hearts, definitely your partner pleasantly surprised to eat the cake and meet beautiful detail would take.
  • Of course the chocolates in heart-shaped are a welcome option but to basically favorite of all women, conquer your heart every time you eat one of these hearts.


  • These little brownies shaped chocolate with a cream which can write anything, is ideal to celebrate anniversary of being together.


  • We have some chocolates shaped molds created with special heart, they are thick so with a few of these would be enough to make your girl happy.


  • Look at this delicious breakfast, heart-shaped ice cream with chocolate chips and bacon, it seems crazy, so it is ideal to break the diet.

images-of-hearts-and-loveChocolate is the sweet of love, it is the definition of that feeling, so you have to get ready to win many points because these details are not often seen nowadays, some men are careless once they have a girlfriend and they don’t take care of the details, they think they’ll have a girl forever next to them, but they are wrong.

I hope you liked this article, remember not to make the same mistakes over and over again, and make your girlfriend happy with a beautiful gift, take care and see you soon.