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Images Of A Hug For You To Send To Friends And Family

Hugs are great don’t you think? they make you fell better, they are warm and awesome, so what happens when you want to  give someone special a hug but you are too far away from them? Well my friend the answer to that question might surprise you.

All you gotta do is send that special someone a nice picture of a hug, any kind of hug would do, and the message will be pretty clear for them to understand, so take a good look at these Images Of A Hug For You To Send To Friends And Family and choose your favorite one to send to your special someone.


adorable-kitty-hugA nice picture of a hug, simple and direct, you just gotta download this image and then send it to your friends and family if you want them to understand that you want to hug them at that given moment.

two-bears-huggingI don’t understand why people always talks about adorable bear hugs, for my experience bear are terrifying and blood thirsty creatures but hey, if media wants us to believe that bear are cute and cuddly who am I to judge whoever really believes that? 

cute-hug-drawingThere are a lot of types of hugs, each of them better than the last one, so why don’t you choose your favorite and give it to everyone that is important to you? I would be fun, but if you can’t do that for any given reason, just send them these images instead.

  • hugs are great
  • but imagine how awkward was the first hug ever
  • i would pay to hear that story

adorable-drawing-hug-to-shareIf you want to send your special someone something special to make them see how much you love them and how much you want to smooch them and make them feel special and loved.

Images Of Couple Hug For Facebook Drawings To Share

All you need is to send them these Images Of Couple Hug For Facebook Drawings To Share and write something nice and adorable to compliment these adorable and super romantic drawings of couples hugging romantically.


happy-hug-day-for-youThese images have a wide variety of characters and quality levels, not saying that some artist are way better than another, just saying that some characters are cuter than others, so choose your favorite drawing ans send it to your beloved romantic partner.

images-of-a-hug-for-you-to-send-to-friends-and-familyHaving a romantic evening cuddling in the couch and watching movies is the perfect way to spend the day if you want my opinion, so send them these images and tell them how much you want to spend a lovely after noon just like that one.


cute-drawing-hug-to-shareThey can always count on you, and you have to make that perfectly clear for them if you want them to trust you and make every moment special for the rest of your life, that is what a real and lovely relationship is about.

  • make sure to always make them smile
  • send them lovely poems
  • tell them how much you love them
  • spend every moment with them