Small Wedding Cake Pictures Ideas For You

Hello everyone and welcome to this new post, today we will enjoy gorgeoussmall wedding cake pictures ideas to see the spectacular designs that a small cake can get for weddings.

There are people who are depressed because their cake is small, but it should not be like that, the smaller the cake, the better details for decoration, and with these images I’ve collected, I will surprise you with these wonderful ideas as the decoration is concerned:


Small wedding cake

  • Excellent design of a small cake which is made up of many cupcakes to give to special guests, like our grandparents and parents, and another small cake for guests, it is a good idea when a simple wedding is done.
  • This spectacular design will make everyone laugh, the bride and groom have their own cake but it seems that they do not stand a second being separated and end up being together in that way.


  • Look at this beautiful 2 story cake, which is covered with a caramel layer forming a beautiful dress, which would be the reflection of the bride’s dress.
  • Spectacular cake design with the details created on a silver fondant which is completely edible, a very luxurious cake despite being small.


  • We end with this 2-story cake, with a border of black fondant and full of red flowers, it creates a very beautiful and perfect table to combine with the design of the wedding.

cookies-chocolate-with-white-chipsI loved a lot the small cakes forming a big cake, also the 2 cakes as husband and wife, they’re are extraordinary designs, something very important of course is their flavor, so hire the best person, a cake with Nutella would be a great option but I have no idea if it is traditional at weddings, my cakes would all certainly have Oreo… What is your favorite cake?

cookies-chocolate-with-caramelLeave a comment below and of course, do not forget to share this post with your friends, have a beautiful day, and take care.

Chocolate with picture on it

Greetings to all of you! and welcome to this chocolate post, I hope to sweeten your visit on the internet and I brought for you: cookies chocolate with picture on it, to delight you with these delicious cookies I’ve brought for you, so I hope you’ve eaten already, because after seeing this post go will want to out and buy cookies or bake cookies.

These cookies are native to the US, and have become popular over time and the truth is that they are very simple to do, you just need sugar, egg yolk, chocolate chips, vanilla and flour … you can easily make chocolate chip cookies with those ingredients in a cup and heat it in the microwave, try it.


Chocolate chips cookies

  • Nothing better than homemade chocolate chip cookies, especially if done on a Sunday evening for the entire family, you can make some cookies like these.
  • Spectacular chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, you will feel a unique sense of taste in your mouth, you’ll want to make more of these.


  • Of course I could not miss our chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, a classic in USA, they are very delicious and are great to share with someone whose heart you hurt, because there is nothing better than a sweet to calm the bad vibes.


  • You could also make some cookies like these, just prepare a hazelnut cream with chocolate chips, you will create a unique and very good flavor.



  • Of course it is always ideal to combine unique flavors as we see with this chocolate chip cookie that has a sweet cream, a very original idea.

The truth is that these images made me hungry, so I would like to invite you to share this post with your friends, by the way a good gift for a friend would be chocolate chip cookies, so try it! They are very cheap and we all love them, hope you have a beautiful day, take care and see you in the next post.

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