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What if you could laugh with your friends while they are working? Or with your girlfriend in a romantic moment? Welcome to this new post where I have for you funny picture joke to share with your loved ones and remember how funny you are with them, jokes help us forget some of the problems we are facing in our lives, they even give us a break, and so we can refresh and face another difficult situation that we are going through.

I always love to share funny images on an ordinary day with a friend, especially when it comes to the popular “memes” on the Internet that have given me so much joy in recent years. Enjoy these images, try not to laugh.


Memes from the Internet

  • Sometimes we are very afraid when our woman is acting as any of these options shows you the picture, because we know that trouble is brewing and the worst is that we try to remember some mistake we made but we do not know.
  • Excellent image to enjoy with our friends on the faces we have every day when we are waiting for the working days end, there is nothing better than the last 3 days a week.


  • Image to share with our wives and leave us alone driving, sometimes more often talk about and do not let us concentrate.


  • It will be very difficult to find a girl to say these words, but if you hear any please marry her.


  •  Image to show it to our friends which have a girlfriend that all it does is to empty your cash account.


The truth is that I respect people for having such good jokes, and it’s wonderful that they can share them with us through the internet, I hope you enjoyed some of these funny pictures, remember to share them with your loved ones, we should always smile, no matter how difficult things are around us, Have a good day, I hope to see you soon.

Picture of jokes about Twitter 

Hello, I hope you are doing well, and welcome to my new post in which I bring for you picture of jokes about Twitter for you to share with your friends who love to use Twitter a lot, these images are very good and funny but only if you use the Twitter microblogging service, I don’t know about you, but sometimes it bothers me not having that much space to be able to share some knowledge with everyone.


In this post, there are good jokes about them, Twitter has grown a lot over the past two years, it has added many tools , a well-known one is thePeriscope which allows transmission of video streaming, it has also included images and videos and in his time, it included a musical platform called Twitter Music that did not produce the expected results.


A curious fact about Twitter, is that 77% of people under 29 read the news through this network which is very great. Now enjoy these funny images.

Twitter jokes

  • This people are sharing a joke on twitter and we will give account for the trend that all use the same joke to refer to a situation.


  • Some people think that since God reads above all tweets sent, and that there by ask the Lord and never go to church.
  • Do not be surprised this picture because we will always find someone who is thinking about that place on your Twitter and feel frustrated because you can not think of anything.


  • Funny picture to share with your friends. Twitter fans when this falls, generating thousands of jokes not have the means to share with your friends.


  • So would the life of the birds if they will use Twitter, they would be copying what others say again and again

I hope you’ve laughed with these images on Twitter, help me growing the site sharing this post, and leave any comment about what you would like to see in future posts, goodbye…I wish you a nice day, bye .

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