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Loneliness, that feeling that reflects the web of a poor network of social relationship, where friendships are rare, unsatisfactory or too shallow; loneliness can occur in two ways: an emotional, where you need a strong bond with another person either friend or partner to generate love for life and safety, and the other: social, in which the person does not feel integrated to a group to share interests and concerns.

So you’ll notice that loneliness comes basically from the bad company we have and those we consider friends but do not care about us, with these sad lonely quotes and images, you will have a purpose to get back up and restart your life to make new friends and create new social ties.









Sometimes we need strong images as I have shown you to realize the reality we live in our hearts, because there comes a point where you like being alone and it is not always good, so I recommend you to give it a second chance to your life and get new friends. I hope you get better soon, take care.



Excellent quotes with images 

I brought some pictures that will keep you always active and eager to work and achieve all your projects, I brought excellent quotes with images to share with your loved ones to also feel very good about them.



lonely-imagesThese quotes will be useful to do those activities that we think are difficult, whether about sport, college, work or deal with a problem to solve once and for all, we must have these images closed either in our phone or print them and keep them in a notebook to use as a means of coping with life.


excellent-quotes-with-imagesWe have to give it all of us in every passing day, since thanks God we are in a new one and we have to show how excellent persons we are, if you see a friend who has problems with some things, do not hesitate to share these images with him/her, your friend will be very happy and will thank you.

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