Really Romantic Poems to Say to Your Girlfriend

My dear friend, welcome to my new article, it is time for you to start giving details to your girlfriend like you should, you have to take every moment in life to give some details or express your love every day, that’s why I have prepared this article about wonderful romantic poems to say to your girlfriend.

With these poems she’ll fall in love every time you send one, you can send one of good morning, good afternoon and good night, never wait for a special time for do it, do it a few times a week but don’t turn it into a routine, it’s your decision, you know your girlfriend and you know what she likes, so enjoy these images:


Romantic poems to your girlfriend

  • Beautiful poem to tell your girlfriend everything you felt the first time you met her, and the first time you talked to her, she made your heart shake and you were not the same again.


  • This poem is perfect to share when you are away and have weeks without seeing each other, you can tell her what you feel about her at that moment.
  • The best thing about having a girlfriend is that she will accompany you on your path to success, that way you will count on someone to celebrate all your victories, just keep loving each other as you are doing every day.


  • You have to plan in this life what is best for you and your girlfriend, that way you will not be in trouble later when going through a difficult economic situation.
  • It’s always great to have poems like these to dedicate to your girlfriend, and you have to make her feel special every passing day.


You can edit them a bit and put some extra comments and send them as a letter, or through a WhatsApp message, which is common today, another great idea would be when you give some chocolates to her, you can attach any of these images to them, she will love it.


Thanks for visiting me, if this post was useful, then share it with your friends, that way I will be able to help them too. Take care of yourself and be very happy with your girlfriend.

Romantic words to say to a woman

Hello my friend, today I brought for you an article that will help you conquer the woman of your dreams, who is your friend but you are afraid to give that step, so I hope you enjoy most romantic words to say to a woman, that way you will be able to ask her out on a first date.

If you are friend since a long time ago, then don’t change with her, I mean, if you are the kind of friends that joke all the time, keep it that way because if you get to be a couple it would be the same way, you’ll just be a little more loving, through these images you will make her fall in love with you every day.


Romantic words for a woman


  • These images will leave your wife with her mouth open, since they are poems and very popular love sayings, and although it was not you who did them, what matters is that you took the liberty of getting them and give them to her.


  • The best thing you can do to deliver any of these images is in a time when you have not seen each other all day; you can send any of these beautiful images so that way she feels very delighted and eager to see you very soon.


  • Romantic words on the images, they will also help you a lot to solve a minor inconvenience you had with your wife, and you will be saved.


  • Remember to always be loving and compassionate with her. That way your relationship will get very far. You always have to spoil her, and those images are perfect for that moment.

My recommendation is to use these images to ask her out on a first date, and for those special moments you have together as a couple, so don’t be shy and be strong enough to escape from the friend zone and become the man of her life, remember to be very respectful and that way you’ll earn her confidence very quick, I wish the best of success for you, God bless you.

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