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Hello! today I have some incredible and totally new jokes for you, they’re:latest funny jokes images about cyanide and happiness for you to share with all your loved ones and spend hours laughing, Cyanide & Happinesscomes from a webcomic which is written by Kris Wilson, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrik and Rob DenBleyker, it was founded on 9 December 2004 and began to work on a daily basis from 26 January 2005.

Their jokes are very popular because of their black and satire humor, and areInternet pioneers jokes along with the creation of “memes“, the site now receives millions of visitors a day from all over the world, today we bring for you the latest images of this week, my own collection to share with you, enjoy them.


Cyanide & Happiness

  • Wonderful image to share with those friends who have much worth talking to a girl, we need help from each time because they may otherwise not eat on the street.
  • Definition forever alone interpreted in this picture, very good to annoy our friends who do not have a relationship now.


  • This image is to shut him up all your friends who insist that you create an account on Instagram, the truth is that not everyone has to like you and your friends have to respect your decisions.


  • The discussion on religion will always be an issue every day in our lives, it is best to try to avoid it and especially when you have friends that religious thoughts different from yours.


  • This is what happens when our children are taken very seriously their favorite superhero, so try to control them before it is too late.

funny-pictorial-jokes-internetThe truth is that these writers are geniuses in what creating jokes is concerned, I hope you have enjoyed these jokes, leave a comment and tell me: What jokes would you like to see in the future? I hope you have a great day, and do not hesitate to come back to the page, see you soon.

Funny pictorial jokes 

Greetings my dear friend, I hope you’re well and welcome to this new post where I have for you funny pictorial jokes to make you laugh a lot while you’re on the computer, I suppose you must have come from work after a long day, Maybe a little stressed and looking for some entertainment, well this is your post.

funny-pictorial-jokes-if-onlyI have wonderful jokes of everyday life for your entertainment, and you can share with your friends, the best of life is to laugh at everything, you can smile with the least thing, and that expression is passed to other people around you, that way, you’ll create a special environment, and I especially love it when these kinds of things happen in the workplace, since a laugh can open the way to a better teamwork and have a greater understanding between all. Enjoy these pictures:

Pictorial jokes


  • We are in a time where we all began to use the Internet, even our grandparents so you have to teach the basics to learn to use it and they are not confused as in this picture.
  • Funny picture to share with that friend who laughs at anything, we try to tell controlled so it does not happen nothing wrong with his heart.


  • And there are people who sometimes do not understand the expressions of others as here and the worst is that other people take advantage of you are confused and take money.


  • In life there will always be different needs for all people of different ages, the important thing is to live happily and do things that we like because it come through our desires.


  • And in the realm of jungle many things and funny conversations as having the lion and tiger occur.

If you liked these pictorial jokes, remember that you can download them and share them with all your loved ones, now tell me: what was your favorite picture? Leave a comment below, I’d appreciate it very much, and I hope to have you back here very soon friend, see you soon.

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