Images of Cute Baby Fairies For Kids

Baby fairies are so cute and little, with their little white transparent wings and their cute faces, no wonder why fairies are so popular in children stories and in movies. Today we wanted to show you some little and precious images of cute baby fairies.


One of the most famous fairies in stories or movies, tinker bell, a favorite heroine always to the rescue, living in a fairy world with a purpose, she finds that everyone can make a difference if they try.

images-of-cute-baby-fairiesFairies are innocent characters especially in the form of babies, they’re so cute and majestic, that’s why their often used for toys, cartoons or even movies.

little-fairy-girlsHere we got a different kind of a fairy, more like a baby with some characteristic of a fairy, it’s so little and cute, something you can find a children book or an animation.


baby-fariries-photos-and-imagesA really beautiful baby with a fairy costume, is just so adorable, is impossible not laugh and be happy just to look at it, these kind of costumes are fairly common and used pretty often especially in mardi gras.

baby-fairies-adorableEven though fairies are loved especially by little girls, they’re for everyone not only girls, in fact many people enjoy different tales of fairies and even grown ups follow them. If you like this topic, share a comment in the section below.

Black and white fairy images

Fairies according to mythology, are known as beings of extraordinary power and unmatched wisdom, not only this but they’re usually portrait as female creatures with wings. There are many types from the smallest cute little fairies to more bigger with the entire grown shape of a woman. Today we wanted to share with you some black and white fairy images. 

black-and-white-fairies-photosLike we said earlier, fairies can appear to be little cute things, like this image, a little fairy with beautiful wings and a small body, in different tales fairies can be described like this.

cute-black-and-white-fairiesHere we got a another design, another vision of a fairy, a small fairy flying in what can be seen as a plant or a leaf, fairies are often related to nature as well.

free-fairy-imagesIn some stories fairies are described as granter of wishes, like if they were a genie or another magical creature, a protector of a troubled person.


black-and-white-drawings-of-fairiesIn children tales a fairy is usually a guardian for a princess or a girl in desperate need of help, then comes the fairy with its magical powers to guide and help the little one.


Either way fairies are extraordinary creatures that real or not, they came to stay in our lives as a symbol of something bigger. If you liked this topic, share a comment in the section below.

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