Download Free Pictures of Mountains and Lakes

There is nothing better than enjoying images that transport you to a place where you feel comfortable and can relax, getting rid of all your work or school activities you have to do, greetings my friend and welcome to this new article, we will enjoy a lot of nature with these pictures of mountains and lakes to download.

These HD images are ideal to use as wallpaper on the computer, on the phone or print them and place them on a frame for the home, I don’t know about you my friend but every time I enjoy one of these images I feel a huge relief and a joy, I especially feel like I want to go to enjoy a few days in that beautiful scenery, just look and enjoy these images:


Mountains and lakes in high definition

  • We can find many amazing mountains around the world, some of it have spectacular scenery in their safe areas which can camp and enjoy for days.
  • In the mountains it is very cold so remember warm clothes go, you’ll also find with many animals, but most of them are friendly so do not worry.


  • We can find many waterfalls that are born from the mountains or whenever you climb a mountain you can find small lakes in each.


  • One important thing is that you take a professional camera so that you take some amazing photos because that way can have them saved and watch them whenever you want a break from the routine but unfortunately you can not have vacation yet.
  • The lakes have an amazing view is amazing and beautiful combination do with the mountains.

best-landscape-pictures-in-the-world-in-hd-west-chinaThey are wonderful and full of life, when you think the world is now a gray and ugly place, I come with these images, but you still have to think green, encouraging people not to pollute our sacred green sites.

mountain-and-lake-imagesThe best thing is that in recent months there have been many people with clean conscience and they want to fix all their mistakes regarding the pollution. I hope you like these images, visit me soon, bye.

Hello friends, as you know, the holidays are coming, but something bad happens, it’s that maybe you are out of money and don’t have where to go out, so we have to be in our home and rest, well, your rest will be something different, since I brought best landscape pictures in the world in HD to delight you with beautiful landscapes that exist and we thought were impossible in the world, most of them are in Latin America,

Wallpaper on your computer

So in the future, when you plan on traveling, Latin America is the ideal place, this time  I brought them in HD so that you can download them for free and have them as wallpaper on your computer, or you can do something I like to do, print and frame them as a picture to hang on my room.

Landscape pictures


  • Nothing better than to flee to a beautiful green landscape where we can enjoy a lot of vegetation, and large mountains in the background of all, the best place to enjoy life.
  • Buy yourself a canoe and embark on a fun adventure in the lakes in the forests of your city to get to a place where you can free your mind and feel happy.


  • Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful mountains you will see in your way, take a camera to capture beautiful moments such as this small waterfall.


  • It’s always special to escape to the beautiful plains that this world has to offer, to take a bath in a small lake and stay looking at the mountains, it is the best escape we could have.



  • Nothing better than climbing a mountain, take our camera and start recording that amazing view to take it to our house.

They are spectacular landscapes and the most beautiful thing is that they belong to our planet Earth, so to keep them alive, we need to conserve the environment and give a good example every time we are on the street. Have a beautiful day, take care and we will meet again very soon.

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