Best Wedding Photographers In The World That Captured The Best Fails

A wedding is a mined field full of disasters just waiting to happen, and that is something just normal, all the stress and the tension tents to build up some crazy high expectations that most of the time are simply imposible.

But hey, don’t let all those words trow you out if your game, I’m sure your wedding will be great, you just need to find the perfect photographer that will capture all the great moments and highlights of the event just like these  Best Wedding Photographers In The World That Captured The Best Fails.

wedding-cake-failBe careful where you decide to take your pictures, it might not be the most resistant construction of the place, just keep that in mind, after all, safety is the most important thing at a wedding ceremony.

Sometimes people try to be unique and different and end up just making a fool of themselves yeah body paint is really cool bur not for a wedding ceremony at a church!

pictures-of-couples-dancing-with-the-best-song-for-weddingThis is a disaster about to happen, you can already see the brides face, she is prepared for it, she saw her faith on those tea leaves the other night, but non the less, she is scared.

wedding-picture-photo-failAs a groom you have very little work to do, remember your fiance’s name, say I do and pass the rest of the night with out making a mess, this fella here is already regretting this life choice and i’m on his side, that cake was poorly constructed.

funny-cake-of-couple-dancingAgain with these kids of pictures, you know, these people seem to love having their clothes soaked in lake water, I can respect a person preferences but this is just too much.

  • Be careful in your wedding day
  • carry around lots of tissues
  • be patient
  • and most important of all, have fun

hilarious-wedding-failSometimes you want something different to play in your wedding day, but you need to practice a little before start dancing like crazy with your new spouse.

Pictures Of Couples Dancing With The Best Song For Wedding

If you don’t believe me just look at these Pictures Of Couples Dancing With The Best Song For Wedding sometimes that can be fun, but most of the time, you will probably look too silly for your own good.

fail-picture-wedding-dayThe most important thing is to have fun you just need to enjoy your time with your new special person in your life, it does not matter if they are not the greatest dancer, but that is not the important part.

Take hilarious pictures while dancing it does not matter if this looks dumb, the important thing is to create wonderful memories so you guys can laugh at them and have fun while doing so.

dacing-at-wedding-failYou also need to take good care of your drink, you don’t want to have pictures like this one in your wedding photo album, so just be responsable okay? You need to be safe.


couple-having-fun-at-weddingGet a crazy cake just like this one, this way all your guest will be aware of the kind of wedding they attending to.

best-wedding-photographers-in-the-world-that-captured-the-best-failsThis is a wonderful example of how a well choreographic dance looks like, so take a good look and think about how great something like this would look in your wedding photo album.

  • have fun
  • enjoy the greatest day of your life
  • use fun music for your wedding
  • practice before the great day
  • and be sure to use a dress that is easy to dance with.
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