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Today is about technology, we’re talking about computers SPECIFICALLY, wallpaper images for pc, sometimes we just want to get rid of that boring old image in front of us and we hardly know what to put or even how to do it, well then you’re in a lucky strike, we’re going to show you some options between some images from the internet to change your desktop appearance a little bit, so let’s get a move on shall we.


Here we got a really nice and HD picture for your screen, a drop of water on top a beautiful purple flower, you can see this image is really nice and real clear and that’s because is in HD format.

sunflower-image-for-desktopHere we got more of a hype cool style of red lines in this wallpaper, you can see in the design some cool bright effects and a good combination of colors.


We got an Indian design here, this image resembles the Indian flag as you can see, those colors and that symbol in the middle, it’s a pretty cool design of a known flag.

wallpaper-images-for-pcA good traditional wallpaper, a sunflower in all its beauty, this one if pretty popular especially with the women that just want to look at something pretty and not something crazy or anything.

images-of-group-of-flowersThis beautiful home was portrayed in this image and converted into a really nice wallpaper, maybe that dream house of your future? could be.


Do you have any suggestion about more images? then take a shot at the comment section below.

Pictures of flowers

One of the prettiest things in nature are flowers, those colorful, magical blooms of nature. Flowers are everywhere in this earth and there so so so many of them, they can grow in different environments, temperatures even in SPECIFIC conditions like nightfall. Flowers in history have been used as symbol of many things, love, feelings, even some fictional stories, that’s why we brought this topic to your attention with of course, some pictures of flowersas well.

passion-flowers-in-photosHere we got a real beauty, a red/pinkish flower in full bloom, you can see how beautiful it’s, and that flower center, its something definitely worth looking.


Again another example of a pretty flower in full bloom, of course this one has no center but it has so many layers of petals, you have to admire all the shapes and forms on this particular flower.

pictures-of-flowersThis flower in particular is something else because it has so many colors and degrees, its so beautiful, you can see why it’s considered a symbol of all those elements.


big-houses-images-for-pcA nice bucket of different kind of flowers, from big to small, lots of colors, shapes and aromas, that’s for sure.

big-and-pink-flowersAnd here we got a real nice looking one, a different kind of flower, all opened up and with a center just unique, this is just another level of beauty.

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