Beautiful Photos of Cakes With Flowers

After you see this article, you are going to be very hungry, so now you are warned. Welcome to this article, today I brought photos of cakes with flowers and chocolate.

It is very difficult to find brown flowers; unless they are dying, in this post we will see some very vivid brown roses, because they are of chocolate in a beautiful decoration with a cake.

images-of-chocolates-with-heartIt’s amazing the work that can be done in a cake nowadays, bakers are careful with every detail and the taste is just wonderful.

Flowers are the easiest figures to design for a cake, but the trick is in how you decorate the cake because there are people who put roses and do not realize when the cake is loaded with many roses, there are cakes that only with a rose are ready to be presented, it is why I say that designing cakes is not for everyone.


Cakes with flowers and chocolate

  • Delicious cake with dark chocolate which has small flowers on one side and has all the space to write a cute happy birthday message.
  • There is nothing better than the classic chocolate cakes, but this one has a beautiful decoration with chocolate flowers on the top, which looks very well.


  • Spectacular wedding cake, it is very rare to see one of chocolate, but this one is special, as you can see it has a flowers fall and each has its own flavor.
  • This basket shaped cake with huge flowers created with fondant, it is ideal to celebrate the birthday of a child since it will be the first time the child sees a cake of this type.
  • We end with these fun cakes that are plants shaped, each has flowers made with fondant, and they have different flavors to the delight of all the guests.

pictures-of-chocolate-heartsThe best opportunity to give a cake like these ones is on a birthday, especially your mother or your girlfriend who likes roses a lot, that way they will see that brown roses do exist and have a delicious flavor.

photos-of-cakes-with-flowers-and-chocolateShare this article and help me grow this page, I promise I’ll make many articles like this for you. I hope you enjoyed this article and I apologize if you’re hungry right now, have a wonderful day and God bless you.

Chocolate images with hearts 

Greetings my friends, today I have brought for you a good article to make your girlfriend fall in love as they should, if her birthday is coming son or you are about to have an anniversary, then you got here in the right time, since this article is about: chocolate images with hearts for she, you can download any of these beautiful images and give them to her as wrapping paper for the gift that you’ll actually give, in this case, they’ll be heart shaped chocolates.

Heart-shaped chocolates


  • We started with this delicious cake which has a small heart in the chocolate cake, as you can see used dye cake to make those beautiful hearts, definitely your partner pleasantly surprised to eat the cake and meet beautiful detail would take.
  • Of course the chocolates in heart-shaped are a welcome option but to basically favorite of all women, conquer your heart every time you eat one of these hearts.


  • These little brownies shaped chocolate with a cream which can write anything, is ideal to celebrate anniversary of being together.


  • We have some chocolates shaped molds created with special heart, they are thick so with a few of these would be enough to make your girl happy.


  • Look at this delicious breakfast, heart-shaped ice cream with chocolate chips and bacon, it seems crazy, so it is ideal to break the diet.

images-of-hearts-and-loveChocolate is the sweet of love, it is the definition of that feeling, so you have to get ready to win many points because these details are not often seen nowadays, some men are careless once they have a girlfriend and they don’t take care of the details, they think they’ll have a girl forever next to them, but they are wrong.

I hope you liked this article, remember not to make the same mistakes over and over again, and make your girlfriend happy with a beautiful gift, take care and see you soon.

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