Amazing Pictures of Whales

One of the most magnificent mammals in the earth are definitely whales, these big and modest animals are in the list of the biggest animals in earth. Whales are nomads, they always stay with their own kin but they don’t remain in one place, they tend to move big distances around the globe, to get food, reproduce and many other things. Today we have brought you some pictures of whales.


Here we got a massive whale going up to take some air for sure, remember that whales can hold their breath for several minutes before going to the surface to reach for some air to continue their travels.

upclose-whaleAs we said earlier, whales often stay grouped, this way they can hunt easier, protect themselves from predators and travel more safely around the water.


This whale is commonly know as the killer whale but don’t be fooled by its name, its a docile animal that doesn’t prey on humans or anything, in fact they never drift to beaches or shallow waters, they’re always traveling with its group in the sea.

white-sharking-swimming-pictureWe got a look at its tail and you can see how big it’s, that’s why whales are considered to be one of the largest mammals in the entire world.


pictures-of-whalesHere we got a closer look at their faces, they may be big but they’re pretty cute as well and whales are known to be playful as well, they’re big intelligent creatures of the sea.

great-white-shark-picIf you think whales are cute as well, then share some word with us in the section below.

Pictures of sharks

What’s the first thing you think when someone talks about big white teeth, a really big tail and fin, and something really big in the ocean? of course you’re going to think about sharks and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Sharks are often misunderstood because of Hollywood productions and people talking about the myth of the killer shark but the reality of it is pretty far away from it. So let’s start by taking a look at some pictures of sharks.

sharks-in-natureSharks are one of the biggest contender for being the king of the sea, not because they’re the biggest predators on the ocean, whales of course holds the tittle on being the biggest animal at sea.

tail-of-a-whale-picHere we got one of the best predators in the world, the great White Shark, this huge shark is know for having a good swimming speed, great strength and being a really ferocious animal.


Its true that sharks have been known for attacking people when they get near some beaches and recreational places for people to swim on but this is not entirely their fault, as you may have guessed.

killer-whale-picturesSharks don’t usually travel that far from their own environment, they know which places they could use as hunting areas and where to get food, that’s why when they end up in those locations, we have to find the reason behind it.


grouped-whales-in-imagesMaybe it could be, because somehow their own habitat is threaten by outsiders like fishing boats or just illegal persons destroying their habitat as well, sharks don’t attack just because, there are somethings that may trigger an attack of their part.

Sharks may not be the gentles of creatures but they’re not definitely mindless killers.

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