Amazing Animated Computer Backgrounds

Are you looking for some animated computer backgrounds? Well, on this post we made a compilation of the best backgrounds just for you, and they are also free. So if you want to see the different and amazing pictures for your COMPUTER keep reading.

This is one is my favorite, it’s a night full of stars and the gradation of colors is perfect. You can see that the sun was getting out, and the night was coming to an end. It would be a perfect background.

animated-computer-backgrounds-rockets animated-computer-backgrounds-ray animated-computer-backgrounds-lightsAnother one I really like, a beach with a sunset. The colors, again, make the background look like if everything was magic.

animated-computer-backgrounds-dawn animated-computer-backgroundsEven though you can find a lot of backgrounds on the internet, we me this list for you with the best we could find and it has a great collection on which you can find the one that is perfect for you, if you liked them, you can go ahead and share them with your friends.

Great wallpapers for desktop for your android

On this post we are bringing you great wallpapers for desktop for you android. As humans we leave our print on everything that is our, or on everything that we touch.


And being THE PHONEthe only thing that we have with us all the time, we need to put it something that represents us. If you have an iphone, Samsung, Lg, Sony or any Smartphone you can use these, the one that you prefer and the one that goes with yourself.

great-wallpapers-for-desktop-for-you-android-pink great-wallpapers-for-desktop-for-you-android-cactus great-wallpapers-for-desktop-for-you-android-anchor great-wallpapers-for-desktop-for-you-android

There are a lot of wallpapers all over the internet for android or Iphone but today we have Hd and the best ones for you, there is a great selection of pictures to pick.  

That was everything for this post, we hope you enjoy it and that like at least one of them and use them as you wallpaper. If you think that one of your friends can use or like one of those, share this post with them so they can personalize their PHONE too.

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